I love to flow, to breathe, to move on my mat! I love the nuances of an alignment based flow.

I love how this knowledge filters into my life through my body.

I love that I am 60 years old, I am kickin' ass!

How did I get here?

Carrie has been teaching for over 15 years. Her background included NO physical activity, she never even threw a ball until aged 40! Now you will find her on her mat, playing tennis, hiking, and spending time with her Portugese Water Dog, Grappa. In 2004, Carrie left a job as a talent agent in NYC and moved out to Pennsylvania. Carrie entered into her first teacher training in 2006 with Cyndi Lee at OM Yoga Center in NYC. She found connection with her teachers, Erich Schiffman and Leslie Kaminoff. Frequent trips to NYC, studying at Kula Yoga Project and Laughing Lotus, helped her discover not only a love of flow but of anatomy. In 2016, Carrie began collaborating with Dr Chloe Costigan, DPT. They are now co-founders of MoveRight Method Yoga, a yoga practice that utilizes the tenets of physical therapy exercises to build strength, flexibility and awareness for a safe & sustainable practice. To practice Flow with CMY is to explore alignment based, core-deep, sweaty Vinyasa that synchronizes the body and breath as poetry in motion. Carrie excels at intuitive, athletic, playful sequencing. CORE WITH CMY is a quick blast of core work designed to activate the deepest layers of the core to support your practice and life.

MoveRight Method Yoga

A yoga practice that utilizes the tenets of physical therapy to build strength, flexibility and awareness for a safe & sustainable practice. We teach you the RIGHT way to MOVE (get it...MoveRight). MoveRight Yoga is a stand alone practice and works beautifully as the strength and conditioning for your regular practice.

Meet Chloe, DPT

Dr. Chloe Costigan practices physical therapy at Mobility Doc, which specializes in helping people to return to their active lifestyle. In 2017, she co-founded MoveRight Yoga with Carrie Morgan by combining physical therapy principles to yoga in order to address common misalignments that typically result in injury. Her particular interest is in breaking down movement and identifying individual strength or flexibility limitations. She applies that interest when developing the signature Triplet of exercises for each MoveRight Yoga class.

Dr. Chloe  earned her doctorate of physical therapy from Quinnipiac University. Over the past 5 years she has practiced in a wide array of specialities including neurological, postoperative, and manual therapy. Because of her love for anatomy and manual therapy, Chloe joined the Mobility Doc team in 2015. Since then she has been able to pursue her love of anatomy, kinesiology, and exercise in her patient treatment. She particularly enjoys working with active people to help them recover from injuries and under their bodies on a deeper level through anatomy and kinesiology. She enjoys practicing yoga, hiking, running, and baking

“MoveRight Method Yoga has changed my body. I can move it in ways I never could before and I have developed strength not achieved after decades of weightlifting.  I feel like I have accomplished something after an hour long class as it challenges my balance, strength and flexibility in a supportive and instructional format free of fear of injury. It works my mind as well as my body as it requires focus and concentration. I love it!”

Lisa A

"MoveRight Method Yoga is a great system that breaks down each yoga move into stages so you are able to understand how each pose is supposed to feel as you perform it. Taking this class twice a week with its carefully thought out core exercises and this method of teaching has helped strengthen my back muscles, abs, arms and leg muscles tremendously over the past year. I highly recommend this class to anyone who is starting out in yoga.”

Miriam W.

“I do not always leave class with an answer, but rather a clear mind to act in a more strategic and rational way. I shed off the shit and get to the core of the problem, whether I am my own blocker or others in my life are simply standing in the way.”

Jake R

“It is real, unfiltered fun. Sometimes I just need to move and channel energy into something positive. That is where Carrie’s classes come in as my dependable source of grounding and growth. In terms of CMY Core, Moveright Method Yoga, and regular flow, all these practices coalesce perfectly. There is strength, stability, and flexibility embedded into everything.”

Abbey G

"I leave Carrie’s classes feeling great! Her understanding of anatomy, proper alignment, along with spot on queuing create a wonderful atmosphere of learning!"


"I love my Monday (core) mornings with Carrie! It's hard work, it's over fast (LOL) and the atmosphere is so warm and encouraging, and of course, Carrie is the best. Great way to start the week."


"Carrie is a consummate professional she teaches with enthusiasm, knowledge and humor. I love this new method between the core classes and the moveright class I feel far stronger than when I began just about two months ago. I wouldn’t have believed my forearm plank would become 'easier'."


"MoveRight- focus was back bends and updog. Amazing class! I know what to be aware of in cobra, but always felt like I was guessing when attempting updog. Now I have a clearer understanding of the pose and am ready for updog in future classes!, 5 stars!"